In the 21st century, as people have more eco-consciousness, the words of 3R have been used around us. We, Sanpoh Bussan, have provided raw materials of stable quality to meet our clients’ needs both in Japan and abroad through recycles of iron, nonferrous metal and plastic, and have contributed to a recycling-oriented society and global warming prevention.


Foundation October 5th, 1973
Capital 10 million Yen
Accounting term September
Bank of account Mizuho Bank   Ueno Branch
Shoko Chukin Ueno Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd    Akihabara Branch
Resona Bank Ueno Branch
Head Office address Tanaka Bldg 4F, 5-3-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-5812-4858
FAX 03-3836-6935
Sakura Ekoaru Office address 1601-5 Sakado, Sakura, Chiba

TEL 043-498-5200
FAX 043-498-5300
Kawasaki Yard address Kawasaki-shi Futo, 17 Chodorichou, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki city  Kanagawa
Bond warehouse Yokohama 1,  
Tokyo 1, 
Osaka 1
Product line -Iron and steel, Nonferrous metal products, Export & import and domestic sale of scraps
-Import & export and domestic sale of plastics raw materials and scraps
-Export & import and domestic sale of junks and antiques
-Export & import and domestic sale of automobiles and other accessories
-Design and sale of recycled machines
-Export & import and domestic sale of daily goods, furniture and room ornaments
License -ISO9001

-Antique dealer's license:Chiba Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 441100002385

-JRSTPRO License of Japan Association for Simplification of International Trade Procedures

-AQSIQ  Registered at State General Administration of the People's Republic of China for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine
Main Equipments -Scale for 60 ton: 1 scale
-Scale for 2 ton:  1 scale
-Precision scale: 2 scales
-Forklift:   3 forklifts
-Non-iron sorter: 2 sets
-Aluminum sorter: 1 set
-Container-van stage: 2 sets
-Radiation measuring instrument: 2 sets
Association -Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
-Tokyo nonferrous metal business and industry cooperative

October 1973 We founded Sanpo Bussan Co., Ltd. with the capital of 10 million yen to export steel stocks, building material, machine parts, nonferrous metal products, etc. to Southeast Asia and Near East and to sell iron and steel, nonferrous metal products, resin materials and products to domestic Japan and abroad.
March 2004 Opened a container shipping yard at Yamashita Futo Shiratori Unyu Co., Ltd.
November 2004 Completed the registration at the 1st registration of China Export Waste Supply Companies.
January 2010 Opened a container shipping yard at Yokohama Warehouse Co., Ltd. Sumida sales branch, and opened a container shipping yard at Mitsui Warehouse Co., Ltd. Osaka branch.
June 2010 Opened a Kawasaki city Futo yard
September 2010 Sakura Ekoaru Office opening
October 2010 Acquired ISO 9001