Cutting edge technology can regenerate plastic dramatically.
This system accelerates growing rate of company.

Hydro system of Sanpoh Bussan can discerp and sort waste plastic with amazing high efficiency.

Now, plastic is necessary for our life.
But, a burden on the environment caused by mass production and mass disposal is big social issue.
Meanwhile, We developed PVC,PE specific-gravity sorters system "Hydro System" using cutting-edge technology as part of recycle business for mixed waste plastic.

The system can distill regenerable constituent from mixed plastic which was never before possible and cut the cost for industrial waste disposal substantially. Moreover, you can sell them.

*Hydro cyclone born of high technology and abundant experience has 99-99.9% of select accuracy.
*This system changes waste product to material recycle and thermal recycle, and contribute to zero-emission.
*This system is compact but it makes powerful continuous operation possible.
*Particle size is 3φ~10φ
*This system recover even small metals assuredly and recycle.
*Net earnings caused by recycle recover the purchase cost for Hydro System.
*Our company buys regenerable valuables.

This agitates input mixed waste plastic and supplies to hydro cyclone with a pump.

This system specific gravity-selects materials supplied with water to PVC and PE.

This system take out selected PVC and PE dehydrating.