To the suppliers of scrap materials,
We purchase scraps of metals, plastics produced from dismantling sites, industrial wastes, factories, etc. at good prices. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of plastics even a small amount.

To the users of scrap materials,
We provide stable quality of materials in response to requests from client’s requests.Please feel free to contact us to respond your various kinds, small lot or any kind of materials.

Copper recycle materials:no.1 copper wire, Nugget copper, high-quality copper, no.2 copper, copper dregs etc.
Copper alloy recycle materials:brass, manganese brass, gun metal, phosphor bronze, nickel silver, aluminum bronze etc.

Aluminum recycle materials:
Aluminum wire, photographic plate, aluminium sash, aluminum casting, Aluminum diecasting, Aluminum wheel, Aluminum Can etc.

Other recycle materials:
Stainless scrap, Nickel scrap, Titanium scrap, Solder scrap, Zinc scrap, Lead scrap etc.
Mix metal, motors, transformer, water boiler, gas meter, mechanical miscellaneous goods etc.

ABS, As, EPS, Mix plastic, OA Plastic,PA, PC, PE, PET, PET Press, PMMA, PVC, PP, PP band etc.